Chiara Trallori
Frequentely Asked Question

Once I pick the music that I like,
how can I be sure that the artist is good?

We'll send you a demo via email or by mail of each artist . in addition to DVD video.

Can I choose any song from any category?

Usually every artist has his own playlist that we can forward, but we satisfy all the request.
Even if the music are not strictly classical, soundtracks, special devise pop songs played with traditional instruments.

What does the price that gives me?

The prices include the artist's fee and all taxes and contributions ENPALS required by law.
The cost of the permit Siae is not included and and the responsibility to evade is it up to you.

If necessary can we meet?

Sure, we are available by appointment for any clarification and explanation.

If I have in mind a particular group or show, can you make it happen?

Obviously we're very happy to make your dream come true.

Can you recommend any catering company or spectacular location even for special setting?

We have our exclusive list of reliable partners.

Do Play ed at any ceremonies?

We play in Catholic ceremonies, symbolic, civic, Jewish, Protestant.

How is the booking and payment?

When you confirm the reservation we ask for a deposit by check.
We will send you a written undertaking that certifies the commitment made by both.
The balance will be due the day of the event.