Chiara Trallori

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"kissing you" Italian Wedding ceremony trio with harp and voice

Gabriel's oboe, italian wedding duo, harp and flute, Florence

"Last of Mohicans" Italian wedding quartet- string and harp

"Gabriel's oboe " Italian wedding string trio

Wedding Dj Tuscany

Bossanova, Italian Wedding Trio, guitar and drum

Seventies medley, Italian wedding band, Il Borro

"Easy", Italian Wedding band, Tenuta il Borro, march 2016

"If ain't got you" Italian Wedding band Tuscany

Italian folk trio Tuscany medley "Volare",Quando Quando Quando", "O Sole mio"

Italian wedding party pop band medley

italian wedding string quartet medley Canon of Pachelbel, Por una cabeza, All of me

Italian wedding string quartet and harp "Pearl Harbor" soundtrack

Medley pop and funky, Italian wedding band, Tenuta il Borro march 2016

Opera Concert

Italian Wedding ceremony, Tuscany "kissing you", trio with harp and voice

Dj and sax

Italian wedding swing band

Once upon a Time in the west

"The fields of Gold", Harp

Italian wedding duo, music for party

Live italian duo

" Con te partirò" harp, soprano and tenor, Florence

Pachelbel Canon in D Major, harp and violin by Chiara Trallori Spettacoli

"O sole mio" Tenor, Florence, Italy, Villa Le Piazzole by Chiara Trallori Spettacoli

"Happy" italian wedding trio : electric violin, cello and double bass


italian wedding pop quartet "Ain't no mountain high enough" and other....

every breath you take and other songs with harp and guitar

Gospel choir in Borro

Pachelbel Canon harp and flute, wedding in Tuscany

"Con te partirò" harp and violin, wedding ceremony and aperitif in Tuscany

wedding band aperitif and after dinner

Italian Wedding band tenuta il Borro 20 july 2013

mandolino e chitarra aperitiv

The prayer harp and soprano

"Nessun dorma" and other....string quartet, tenor and soprano

medley canto e chitarra

string quartet aperitiv medley

guitarist duo, electric violin

Ave Maria Schubert harp violin and soprano singer

Pachelbel Canon D mayor string quartet

pianobar 18/10/ 13 Florence aperitif

guitarist 13 luglio 13 villa il Rinuccino, Fiesole

Ave Maria Schubert, Harp and voice, wedding in Trequanda

wedding band: medley cocktail

Gabriel's oboe

Pachelbel Canon in D Mayor, Guitarist

O mio babbino Caro Puccini

Quintet and tenor Yanni ,"adagio in C minor"

Time after time harp and voice


Young girls choir, harp, violin and cello

Soul music

Wedding quartett pop band

Chitarra e Fisarmonica

Panis Angelicus

Mandolino e chitarra

Autunno Leaves jazz quartet

Dance with the wolves

little Gospel choir

typical italian folk group

Boccherini minuett, violin and cello

GospeI choir Imagine

Dj italian wedding party Florence, Tuscany

Jazz quartet wedding aperitiv

Italian Wedding Band Tuscany, Florence 8.7.12

Pianist in villa la Massa, Florence

Nothing else matters Metallica harp Florence

Sweet home Alabama funky group Florence,